How I do it

After our first conversation either by email or on the phone, what you can expect is an appointment for an initial consultation, which can give me a sense of what has brought you to counselling/therapy. The first appointment also gives you an idea of whether you are comfortable talking to me so you can decide if we can work together, and if so, your aim will become my aim.

Depending of the nature of the problem, your current situation and the way you are, I adapt my therapeutic approach to your needs.
When working with couples, I focus on an agreement and understanding of the emotional needs of both members of the relationship. Communication, dialogue and mutual understanding are key to a successful relationship and I can try to help you to improve those aspects of your relationship.

Frequency and duration of the sessions

I recommend meeting weekly, when possible, to explore the issues that are difficult for you to deal with. I offer appointments which are 55-60 minutes long, during the week and, occasionally, on weekends.

Duration of the therapy

The duration of the therapy is tailored to the needs and hopes of the client. In my experience, it can be difficult to decide on the number of sessions needed from the onset of the treatment so I work both short-term and long-term.

When I work short-term I offer clients six sessions, although the work is reviewed regularly and further sessions can be offered. Short-term work tends to be focused on specific issues and be goal-oriented.

Long-term work, though, is related to deeper rooted problems which need plenty of time to be acknowledged and processed. I, then, offer open ended therapy which means that clients don’t have to feel the time pressure.

The number of sessions can be determined by your expectations and hopes placed on counselling/therapy.


Charges per session are: £55.00 when working with individuals, £65.00 when working with couples and £75.00 when working with families . Payment is either by cash, cheque or bank transference.